Exploring my five senses to enjoy eating !

Target audience: Grade 3 and 4 students

Estimated duration: 50 minutes

About HMHB :

This workshop is part of the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body program (HMHB). This program aims to promote positive body image and healthy attitudes and habits among youths with respect to their body, food and physical activity. The program, which targets not only youths, but also their parents and the adults in their lives, is disseminated in schools (primary school and high school levels) as well as in community settings. According to a study conducted by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, the HMHB program is one of the best practices in regard to health promotion and prevention in schools. The program distinguishes itself by the fact that it is consistent with the École en santé approach as well as many aspects of the Education Reform. In addition, the effects of the program on body image satisfaction and its determinants were assessed by the Centre d’Étude des COnditions de vie et des BESoins de la population (ÉCOBES). To read the report (available in French only), click here.

Workshop objectives


Educational goal :

  • Introduce students to the joy of eating by using their five senses.


Suggested Subjects :

  • Science and Technology.


Specific objectives :

  • Determine which of the senses is engaged when they eat;
  • Experiment more with and think more about the sensations brought about by eating.

Target audience

Grade 3 and 4 students

Estimated duration

50 minutes

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