Bien dans sa tête, bien dans sa peau

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (HMHB) program is designed for primary and high school youths as well as the adults in their lives.
This program aims to promote the development of a positive body image and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits among youths.
With a unique and preventative approach, this program addresses two societal issues that are becoming increasingly problematic: obesity and excessive preoccupation with weight.


Primary School Level HIgh School Level


This program aims to:
  • Promote positive attitudes and habits in regard to weight and the body as well as to food and physical activity;
  • Promote self-esteem and the respect of other people, regardless of their body type.
This program also aims to help adults recognize their role as models for youths as well as to develop their youth support skills.
More specifically, HMHB encourages and promotes:
  • A healthy and diversified diet that focuses on the pleasure of eating;
  • Regular and reasonable practice of physical activity focused on the joy of being active;
  • Developing a positive relationship with food, physical activity and one’s body; 
  • Reaching and maintaining one’s natural weight;
  • Accepting oneself and one’s body;
  • Building self-esteem based on factors other than the shape of one’s body;
  • A positive appreciation of the diverse body types and shapes in society. 
Did you know ?

 More than 550 schools and youth organizations across Quebec have benefitted from the HMHB program.

 The HMHB program has reached more than 200,00 Quebec youths.

 According to a study conducted by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, the HMHB program is one of the best pratices in regard to promoting health and to prevention in school settings.

 The program distinguishes itself by the fact it is consistent with the values of the Quebec Charter for a Healthy and Diverse Body Image, with the École en santé approach as well as with many aspects of the Educational Reform. Each workshop can be integrated to different programs of study and conforms with the subject-specific competencies included in the Qubec Education Program.
Finding more information on this issue
To learn more about the issue of weight during adolescence and to promote the development of a positive body image among youths, you can read the document titled Information in the initial edition of the HMHB program. This document is not a substitute for the training titled Intervenir sur le poids et l’image corporelle à l’adolescence, but it can help build useful knowledge for conducting learning activities.